Friday, August 24, 2012

Do You Have the Urge to Write?

Often a writer will know she loves to write, but jumps from there to asking what will I do with my writing?  Writers often want the reassurance that their writing isn't time wasted. 

When it comes to being a writer, the first person that needs to be convinced is often the writer herself.  If she is to fulfill her life call as a writer, though, she must resist the urge to view it as merely a  dream.  There are bigger reasons she loves to write.  There is a world to bless.


Successful writers include both those whose unpaid writing stirs, guides or blesses others as well as those who earn pay for their writing.  A writer needs to be convinced that she had been given the gift of writing for reasons beyond herself. 

If you're to fulfill your life calling and love to write, then write.  Then publish it online.  Try to sell it.  Publish in print.  Get it out there for eyes to see.


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