My writing seeds began to sprout in high school creative writing class. From then until now, I've not been able to stop writing.

In 2007, I finally sold my first article. I earned $50 for writing on my experiences in setting up a church library. I quickly learned it helps to write about something I'm familiar with.  I've now sold over 300 articles.

I love researching and writing on recently-researched themes.  Of course all non-fiction writing should have a point to it, and the writing I sell to businesses should move a reader to make an emotional connection, a further investigation, and product or service purchase. 

My writing is designed to help a business grow.  It is designed to enlighten people and help them make sense of life. I write what you have no time to write for yourself.  I write fresh unique content.

I can do simple editing and re-writes, but I am not a certified editor.  There are others who are better at editing than I am. 

Articles i sell through Constant-Content.com are all professionally edited.

Please visit my website WWW.RosalieGarde.com for more information, or email me at info@rosaliegarde.com

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