Sunday, March 24, 2013

Buy Content from Outside Writers

When you have an online magazine or a website you want to keep optimized you will need ongoing fresh material.  Whatever your chosen themes, usually there are several angles they can be written from.  That means you can repeat themes.  But don't repeat them just for the sake of loading content or keywords.  Upload content that says something worth saying.

Choosing to purchase from outside writers will give you a greater chance of discovering fresh angles. 

Why is Content Updating Important?

It's important to include new material on your site because, in an ever changing world, clients need to be kept up-to-date on trends.  You can become their go-to place for new information.

When you are an expert in a certain field, your clients will let you (maybe even expect you to) do the homework they have no time to do themselves.  Over time, with good content, they will learn to trust your expertise.

Your goal should be to have customers look for your latest content, share your content, comment and talk about your content.  Your content should make a reader want to bookmark your page, add you to their RSS Feed, sign up for your newsletters, hire you, or buy your products. 

New fresh content will help optimize your site as web crawlers search for the latest material to include in their search engines.  But search engines aren't the only ones using crawlers, crawlers can be used by anyone searching for  information in an organized manner to be used for a variety of reasons.  Ensure you're found!

Use Freelancers for Article Writing and Blog Posts

Yes, you can purchase web content from an outsider to be used on your site.  You can put your name on it if you buy the full rights.  This doesn't make you less of an expert, it just means the craft of writing isn't your focus of expertise; the subject matter of the articles is your focus.

When you purchase pre-written or requested articles for full rights you can still personalize the material. You can put your name or your company name into the article and add links.  You can change thoughts that don't apply to your business or things you don't quite agree with. 

Purchasing rights is always the better way to use material thereby avoiding plagiarism by trying to re-write something you haven't paid for.

Content is a Vital Marketing Tool 

It is a constantly changing society and one that reads daily.  More people spend time on their computers than reading newspapers or books.  More people look online for solutions and they want to discover what's most current. 

Since there are many ways to cross-promote your business online, if done well, you will never truly be able to predict how a client will find you.  Would-be clients might click a link in Twitter.  They might click a link in LinkedIn.  One writer they follow may have a link on their page your website.  You'll need to have ongoing new material to post if you're to be discovered.

The Internet is like a playground where new friendships and discoveries are made.  It's important to be involved in the playground to effectively do business today.  Don't underestimate the power of adding web content to your blog or website and then adding the links to your Twitter feed, Facebook and Linkedin pages.

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