There are many entrepreneurs and even seasoned professionals that are good at what they do, but not so good at communicating what they do.  Creating a website is complicated and it is often difficult for a website creator to see their site from an outsider's point of view. 

I've also noticed typos and improper wording or punctuation in some newsletters, blogs, on websites, etc.

One of my specialties is also to write marketing articles.  Because of the research I do, I tend to know a little about what should be included for marketing purposes.  If you're interested in an inexpensive review of your website, contact me. EMAIL

PACKAGE A - Simple Website Review:

Includes a review of first impressions.  Correction of grammar, and spelling. Re-phrasing where needed.

$0.02 a word plus $15 for a written report.
payable through PayPal

PACKAGE B - Customer-Focused Website Review:
$0.02 a word for the above services plus $25 for a written report.

Includes all the above, plus advice from a marketing standpoint.  This might include:

  • how well a customer understands what you are offering
  • how well a customer understands how to connect with you
  • what might be offputting
  • what might draw a customer in


  • suggestions on more professionalized or convincing wording
  • suggestions on possible additions
  • rewrites of sections
 payable as invoiced through PayPal

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