Sunday, January 6, 2013

How I Write and Sell Web Content

I write and sell web content. I write articles, blog posts, website blurbs for clients.
Without the need for web content, I don't have a job.


I write on a variety of topics.  My work is picked up by a conglomeration of varied buyers.  I actually prefer to sell my own pre-written material on topics I’ve chosen, but always look at what’s been requested and what’s selling.

I usually try to specialize in what I’m most knowledgeable about or interested in.  I do research constantly too and try to keep up with current trends.

I sell most of my work through  They take a cut, but it’s kind of like my cost of doing business.  Why do I sell this way?  

a) Because I’ve developed a trustworthy relationship with Constant-Content.

b) Because they provide expert editing.  The editing advice I receive on pieces as needed, helps me learn what I may not already know and helps me mature as a writer. 

c) They draw buyers which saves me having to look for them.

d) They collect the payment from the client.

e)  They pay me on time as promised.

Help freelancers like myself stay in business!  Buy pre-written content for your newspaper, magazine, blog, website or ezine.
For my web content, see my profile page under my pen name Joy R. Calderwood at or visit my website at

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