Sunday, January 20, 2013

Where Entrepreneurs Can Buy Content

Entrepreneurs have enough balls to keep in the air.  They'll need fresh material for their blog posts, though, articles to add to their website resource files, and perhaps other cross-promotion type material.

Entrepreneurs may be good at many things and writing may or may not be one of those things.  Writing is time consuming.  To help close the gap, there are a number of freelance writers available to write for them.

Writers also post pre-written material on sites such as

Why Buy Pre-written?

Pre-written content is helpful to the entrepreneur who's run out of ideas of what to add or write on next.  A buyer can look through a batch of pre-written articles at and choose those that are suitable.  He can buy exclusive rights.  With the full rights license the business owner can alter the articles to suit his needs.

The entrepreneur can take purchased articles and compile them into e-books or use as workshop materials.  Any entrepreneur can use pre-written articles, making them their own.  

Finding Words for Your Story

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