Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Where to Get Your Web Content

One of the places I sell articles, website blurbs, blog content, etc. is through
Finding Constant-Content was really a miracle in the making for a writer like me.  It was even an answer to prayer!  One day I did some Google searching for places to sell articles.  I'd been registered with Elance as a writer for some time by then, but wasn't getting work.  During my search, I discovered a few places other places to try and one was Constant-Content.

I tried writing for Constant-Content and had three articles accepted right away.  They have a tough editing process where every article submitted is carefully scrutinized, so you can imagine how I felt getting those three articles pushed through so quickly.  I then sold my first article within the same month of starting to write and submit to them.  How energizing!

Who buys articles, blurbs and blog content from writers?  There are millions of people who need articles for their websites or online magazines.  They may want articles related to what services they offer or sell, fillers, or fresh content to keep their site optimized.

Writing articles is time consuming and it often makes sense for website owners to purchase the rights to use pre-written articles as they wish.    Some of these buyers spell out the details of what they need.  Others scroll through the extensive collection already written and still available.

Articles generally sell between $20 and $60.


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