Saturday, May 26, 2012

Writing Online Content

It is imperative content writers learn to write quick and snappy paragraphs.  Most readers today are scanners.  The quicker they can absorb information, the quicker they can move on.

For this reason, many conventional writing rules are broken.  Today's writing requires more paragraph breaks so that paragraphs are short and easily readable.  No long explanations are needed.  Getting to the point quickly is key.


The most popular ways to write successful content include:

  1. Short snappy sentences.
  2. Numbered lists.
  3. Bolded headings.
  4. Modern terminology.
  5. Editing out unnecessary wording and explanations.
Adding a closing statement is still suggested.  End your article with a sentence or two that ties it all in together.  This way your reader isn't left hanging.  When you write your next piece of web content, see if you've included most these tips.

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