Friday, August 3, 2012

Don't Let What You Don't Know Stop You

Do you ever feel stupid when someone points out a grammar mistake you've made, say on your blog?  Ever feel stupid when you mispell a word or the name of a President or Prime Minister?  Do you feel you rely on Google Search too much as a writer?

Don't let grammar and mispellings stop you from writing.  I have sent in many articles only to have my editors use the harsh words "rejected" due to errors. I'm regularly surprised at errors I make and rules I never knew.

Here's the thing about writers that makes errors okay.  Writers are like meat grinding machines.  That's right, I said meat grinding machines.  I'm picturing the kind of little hand-powered tool my mother used to use to mince either ham or Spam with pickles to make the most delightful little crustless sandwiches for a church function. 

Writers do more than put out writing.  They take something--anything common in life--like ham or Spam--and somehow are able to make it into something more, something new, something spicy.  Writers can make a story or life lesson out of just about anything.  It's how their grinding tool--or rather noggin works.

If you're like me, your noggin is churning all the time, and that is what makes you a writer!  And for that you are forgiven of errors! 

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