Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Get Your Agreement and Order Right

Agreement and order. 

As I wrote an article for a client wanting real estate articles for his publication, it dawned on me how easily we can skim over agreement and order.  I know there's probably a more official name for it, but I'm not an official type of writer, so forget it.

Here's an example of what I mean.  Look at this:

Rent or Buy Housing:  What is Better for You?  (title)

Rent or own, there are reasons for both...  (improper)
Rent or buy, there are reasons for both...(proper, notice it reflects the wording in the title.  Of course buy means the same thing as own, it just is better to use the same wording.) their lifetime most will have both bought and rented... (improper) their lifetime most will have both rented and bought... (proper, words are in same order as title) a time to rent and a time to own...(improper) a time to rent and a time to buy...(proper)

Now in this blog post, I could have said, "it's easy how we can skim over our order and agreement.."  but notice that would have the words "agreement" and "order" in reverse order.  Get it?


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