Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wanting to Write a Book?

Be leary of self-publishing sites.  There are many.  Some merely want to make money off you and print a book that will never sell.  Why would they turn down someone who's willing to give them several hundreds of dollars to produce something that costs them little?

Read the small print.  Sometimes a publisher retains the rights to your material.  Some will only pay you a small royalty.  Some will restrict where and how you can sell. 

Do you want to make $0.10 or $1,000?

If you merely want a coffeetable book, or one to hand out for free at a special event, and you don't care about earning money and retaining full rights then it matters less. 

If you want to earn from your book, though, you will want a few things included:

  • Good editing.  Don't believe publishing houses that tell you your book doesn't need editing.  Another set of eyes is always helpful. 
  • A realistic deal that helps you profit from sales.
  • A good marketing plan.

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