Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What Makes You a Writer?

What makes you a writer?  Every writer can write her own definition.  To say that I have the only definition of a writer would be completely contrary to the open and free less-ruled life today's generation of artists enjoy.  You see today, innovation is king.

Innovation changes the world.  It happens when someone takes a creative idea and puts it into trial.  As a writer you are free to try whatever your creative mind desires.

Is the outcome the measurement of whether or not you're a writer?  If you're putting out writing, then you are a writer.  If you have a piece to show, then you are a writer.  If you show a piece publicly, you are even more a writer.  If you sell a piece, you are truly a writer.  If you write a piece someone else reads or sings, you are a very creative writer.  If you write something that becomes a great and well-known hook, you're an acclaimed writer.

If the piece you put out is poorly written you are a writer who writes poorly.  If the piece you put out is too odd and unique for some, you may be a writer before your time or a niche writer.

A writer is not someone that takes writing courses, journalism classes, or is a member of a writers' guild, that is, not unless they are completing pieces and sharing them.  Just being part of a writing club does not make you a writer.  That is why I laugh when I see advertisements that require an applicant have a degree in journalism.  The question is, have they written anything since school?

Write and complete pieces.  Put your writing out there.  Proudly say you are a writer.

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