Monday, November 26, 2012

Challenge Yourself to Write

Try challenging yourself to write.  Yes, at times I feel I need to be in the mood.  I need to have inspiration.  Sometimes I just need to start writing.  Today I challenged myself to write 4 articles.  I challenged myself to do my first one in 15 minutes.  I did it.  It is now saved and simmering to be edited later.

Here's what helped:

  1. On another day I'd come across some material I thought might make a good topic.  My writing is sold at so I choose topics I feel will sell to the audience that visits there.  This topic stuck out (topic was fear), so I'd printed out ideas from a few websites and left them on my desk for a later.  Often I'll create a word document and gather ideas and save them.  Both methods are equally effective.
  2. Then I sat down not to copy from the printed material, but to have a conversation in my head about the topic. My thoughts would come out my fingertips (as I'm doing now).  The material was merely supportive.  I liked the tips it offered.  When I got to a place in my conversation where I needed a practical tip or the next paragraph direction, I glanced at the paper.  I adapted what I read to suit my article.  

So what I'm saying helps is to gather material you can use at a later date, and to write as though you're talking to someone.

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