Exclamation Marks

To my friends who are emerging writers, here's an important TIP: Overuse of an exclamation mark (!) is a sign of immature writing. Exclamation marks can distract a reader. Try to use your words to create emphasis instead. Make your writing more "mature" by using exclamation marks sparingly.

Content Writers

The need for writers has never been greater.  There is so much web content businesses need.  They need to update their websites and blogs regularly.  They need blurbs written.  They need articles. Most business owners focus their time on making sales, not writing content.

Never before, however, have businesses tried to undercut freelance writers.  They're all looking for bargains.  With offshore outsourcing some of us freelance writers are up against writers that charge $3.00 an article! 

Be aware, you will get what you pay for in many cases.  In many cases offshore outsource-rs cut and paste, spin and plagiarize what others write.  They often write gobbelygook.

I don't believe in working for wages that are illegal in my country.  Yes, in Canada we have a minimum wage employers HAVE to pay.  They can be fined, taken to court or whatever it is that happens if they fail to pay adequately.

If you are a business in need of web content that is written in good English, plan to pay respectfully.