Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Magazine Writing


I just returned from a short trip that included a stop at a gift shop. There's something about me that may never change which is my love for visiting gift shops.  I'm a self-confessed gift-shop junkie.  

One area of airport gift shops I'm always drawn to is the magazine racks.  There are magazines on almost every subject to be had.  

Yes, of course we can read all types of information on the Internet, but one thing magazines do is provide gorgeous glossy pictures.  I'm a visual learner and artist, and pictures draw me in.  


It is still tedious querying to write for a magazine.  I don't know how many magazines have stepped out of former routines and are now purchasing content through new means.  For instance, articles and fillers can be picked up easily through content provider Constant-Content.  

Of course with all the web content available, magazine purchases have taken a dip.  You might have noticed the resulting compensating price increases on magazines.  (I paid almost $20 for a magazine for my daughter this week),  Still, writers and photographers still need to earn a living.  

No matter what you find on the web, there will always be a place for magazines.  As a writer, pitch in to keep magazines alive by buying a few.

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