Saturday, December 21, 2013

Treatment for Writer's Cramp


The previous post talked about writer’s block or what I call writer’s cramp. I promised a few tips I employ to get me over the hump. Here are a few of them:

  1.  When writer's cramp, or screen depression sets in, I leave go and surf fun stuff like Youtube videos, watch television, do housework, take my dog for a walk, workout at the gym, or I do some form of art.  Basically, I take a writing fast.
  2. Sales are also helpful in healing a cramp.  When I get notification of a sale, my writing is validated, and I'm often ready to return to craft more articles. The only way that’s within my power is if somehow I’ve been able to promote my material.  Otherwise, I’m at the liberty of buyers.
  3. I'll go and apply for jobs.  This is not really a good idea though.  More times than not, the next day or two I'm so glad I didn't take a job that would require I change out of my yoga pants and long shirt.
  4. Usually, I'll simply spend time doing non-goal specific research.  I might flip through magazines, including those builder ones that come in the mail, web surf, check articles I've bookmarked or that have come into my email and had had no time to read.
  5. One of the best relief comes through doing art work, housework, or walking outdoors.  More times than not, when I do these things my brain unwinds. Ideas pop into my head without looking for them. I’ve often left mid-cleaning because I've had an idea I’ve just had to write down.  
  1. Sometimes I’ll just open a rough draft and start reading. The editing brain kicks in.  
Writer’s cramp serves good purposes.  It forces me to take a break. The best writing happens when left to simmer. Ideally, I’ll let days, weeks, or months pass on some piece I’ve started.  Ideas have time to brew.  When I revisit a piece, if it still makes sense and I still agree with it, it's is validated. And that is a very good side effect.   

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