Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Tool Called Natural Reader

I may have offered these ideas before. Just now, I re-loaded a nifty program I had on my last laptop. It's called "Natural Reader." Get it here

It's just another way to proofread your documents. Choose the voice you'd like to read your document, upload your document and hear it read. 

I've used this program for editing. It allows me to rest my eyes at times. It allows me to walk around the room, stand, or follow along with it. If it reads well, I'm set. If it does't read well, I'm sure to catch the needed changes.  

There are times I rush to publish or send in my submissions without leaving a block of time. More often than not, leaving a block of time between writing and editing is better. Leaving my writing over night, over a few days, or even over months or years allows me to return to my writing with fresh eyes. 

There is always room for improvement in writing, but we can't just keep editing and expect to make a sale. Still, I want to put out my best work and that often requires several go-throughs. Natural Reader is one more tool I often use. 

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