Tuesday, December 13, 2016

What is 'it'?

A book critique I had done by a published author almost turned my writing world upside down. I expected she would love my book. But she tore it apart. I let it simmer for some time before returning to it. 

When I returned to the manuscript, I took her criticism and re-wrote almost the entire book. Then I went ahead an published it on my own deciding not to get another critique or hire a professional editor. 

Most eBooks I sell cost little more than a Starbucks Grande. Why would I invest $500 or so in something where I may earn back $100? 

Writers give a lot of free time up because they have something to say and love writing. Simple as that. And a worker deserves her wages. Selling any book is a risk, and one I'm taking regularly. 

Now, one thing I did learn from the critique was the use of the word "it." She kept circling it and asking "what is it?" Any normal human should understand, I thought. For instance, in this phrase, "If the shoe fits, wear it." 

But now I stop and pause on the word it and plug in what I'm talking about in most cases. Next time you're writing and using the word it make sure a reader who jumps in will know what it is. 

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