Sunday, January 29, 2017

Whats the ROI for your Reader?

I am saddened when I learn of a woman who has written books that aren't selling.There are many reasons books don't sell. It may have to do with marketing, reach, quality of writing and, of course, the subject matter. But one reason I've identified is that many writers make their book about telling their story more than about offering a reader something he or she needs or wants to know.

If the story is juicy or inspirational, then it makes sense to tell the story. But even life stories or memoirs can be converted into self-help books. It's all about how the writer chooses to sculpt the book. 

Look at the writing of author Joyce Meyer, for instance.  Her readers know much of her life story because she's shared tidbits of it as analogies throughout her various books. But her books are never about her life path alone. Her books are about helping her audience solve some problem. 

You too can do this if you choose to. Consider what lesson you want to share with your reader. Choose the parts of your life story that best demonstrate the lessons and write an abbreviated version of the story.   

What is ROI?

Aside from the eBooks I write, I'm also a web content article writer. I write on a variety of topics customers use in print publications and in online websites and so on. When I write my articles, I try to have an ROI--Return on Investment for the reader. That is, I try to give them something in exchange for the time they've given to read my article. 

I want my reader to learn something new, to become motivated, or better informed. I want my readers to discover easily understood takeaways. One book for writers I read so long ago (I can't remember its name) suggested every page have a takeaway, suspense or something to make the reader want to turn the page. 

If your book doesn't have an easily understood takeaway, perhaps you should take a second look. Finish 
these sentences:

This book will give the reader hope about ______; this book will give the reader greater faith or inspiration because __________; the reader will feel a greater sense of ________ after reading this book because _____________. This book will help the reader take this type of action ___________.

There is so much more to say on this subject, but I'll save it for another post.  In the meantime, feel free to share your comments below.

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