Writing for an Audience of One

Someone in one of my Facebook writers groups posted a question about how to structure a book about her life experiences. I gave her this response and thought it might be a good blog post:

I know it will be therapeutic for you. 

To actually sell it, you need to consider who would read it and why. 

How will your experiences inspire or enhance someone's life? 

Why would someone want to read it? 

Why would someone pay money to read it? 

If you were going to buy such a book, what would you expect from it? 

I write non-fiction and weave life experiences in, but I try to ensure they have a point. I try to present a problem and provide some solutions. 

If you can find an interesting hook or niche, you'll have more success. Would it appeal to someone the same age you were at the time? Is it geared for others questioning their faith upbringing? What caused you to have one foot out? Who are those people that might be in a similar situation?

Once you identify the person you want to share your story with, write it as though you are talking to them over coffee. Give them points to ponder. Ask them probing questions. That's just my 2 cents.