Should You Take a Writing Course?

Every day there are courses offered for writers.  There are online courses and there are writing coaches who will help you walk through the steps of writing.  (I know of several if you would like me to refer you).  Do you have to take a course or have a degree to be a writer?  No.

Just get writing and see where the path leads you.

Do what suits your personality and skill level.  If you feel a course will help, sign up.  If a writing group is of interest, join one.  

Grow it at your own pace.  You should know when you're ready to take the next step of publishing a blog, writing a query letter, sending an article to a content site editor, signing up for personalized coaching, or sending a manuscript to an agent. 

The point is, there is no set path for a writer. 

The field of writing can be tough on you, though.  You will have editors rip your work apart. You will see yourself making dumb errors and feel embarrassed when important people point them out.  You will get rejections and hurt feelings.

Good writers take the pain in stride.  They take what they're dished and pour it back into their writing to be used for good.

A great way to test your skills is to put a piece past an inexpensive proofreader or editor to see how you fair.  Another way is to send it to an article site--preferably  one that has editors that will scrutinize your work before posting it.  If an editor in a situation like this offers you writing tips, take them and learn.

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