Writers, Don't Resist the Urge to Edit

This was a writing tip quote posted today: "Never resist editing, because your writing isn't etched in stone and can always be improved for the reader."

This is very true. 

If you're like many writers, your writing is your baby.  Slicing it up and chopping sections out can feel brutal.  Y

I've had sentences I've been very attached to, but in reading them back, while they may sound nice, they don't make simple sense. 

It's hard to dispose of flowery sentences we thought were brilliant.  But if they don't add to the product they are only fluff. 

Editing must be done.  So what can you do to help calm the pain?

  1. You can save the edited parts on a separate document.  If you ever want to re-insert them or use them again, you will have them available.
  2. Realize that cutting your article or book down may mean you actually can multiply your product.  That is, a lengthy article may be able to be split into two or more.  You can earn money on two articles instead of one.  The edited pages of your book may become part of your sequel. 

Don't resist editing!  Just do it!

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