Write for an Audience

I've bumped into several women who feel God has called them to write a book. Usually it's about their life story.  It often ends up being a memoir of sorts.  Or it reads like a Christian devotional.

One trait I often see is women copying the voice of published authors they've read.  They may not do it intentionally.  I know I often write similar to a couple myself.  Nevertheless, it's important to examine your writing to see if you've done that.  If you have, your work may not have the believability you want it to have.  Very few authors can get away with calling their reader "blessed one" or "dear."

Well-published authors have a platform.  Their voice works for them because of their platform.  I urge you to be cautious of this copycat type of writing.  Edit out fluff and phrasing your reader might identify as being from someone else, as best you can.

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