Saturday, January 5, 2019

2019 Tip List for Writers

So you want to write and perhaps become published. Here is your 2019 kick-off list of suggestions:

  1. Get a computer with a word program as eventually all needs to be entered into the computer (even if you start your writing in a journal).
  2. Set aside time to write and let your family know you're going to be preoccupied.  Perhaps build it into your schedule.
  3. Start writing at your sitting. Let all your ideas pour out. I insist, this is the favorite part of a writer's hobby or craft.
  4. At your next sitting, either choose the "carry on where you left off feature" in Word and continue writing, or read back what you wrote previously to remind yourself of the flow and carry on.
  5. Write simply as though you're talking to someone. Don't use big words if you can get by with a simpler word. The average reader has a grade 8 to 10 comprehension.
  6. Vary your words. Don't use the same one repeatedly. Use the synonym feature to alter your words as I did here with the words vary and alter.
  7. Edit by reading back quietly or aloud. Take out excess words. Fix awkward sentences. Start moving things around so the piece flows better.
  8. Remove extra information that doesn't move the story along or help explain the points. (Being willing to cut large amounts takes bravery because we get attached to our thoughts.)
  9. Research and be mindful not to violate copyright laws. Give references for facts, Bible verses, and quotes no matter how familiar.
  10. Read your piece  back again as though you are the targeted reader, or better still, have it read to you by pasting it into NaturalReader.
  11. You can print your work if you feel it is helpful to do so. This can help when you significantly need to move things around. But you don't HAVE to print it out.
  12. Keep reading and learning. The best writers are readers.
  13. Join Facebook writer groups to gain motivation and free tips.
  14. If you want to self-publish, forget those agencies that make you pay to have your book published. Go to Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and start with a Kindle book. Read their many instructional tutorials to learn just what to do.
  15. If you want to try your hand at selling articles, look into Writing for Dollars, Contant-Content or other freelance content writing opportunities, or look into the guidelines of magazines who accept submissions.
  16. Add balance into your writing days by going for walks, joining an exercise group, finding social outings, and so on, because refreshing your mind and body will help your writing. You may also find fresh material when out with others.

    Well, I could go on. This list should help you for now. 

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