Monday, March 23, 2020

Affordable Copyediting is Available

Typos and Edits 

Before you go and self-publish through KDP I want to share some points. I recently paid $10 for a book from someone I met on Facebook. Something in her post resonated with me causing me to make the purchase. I hoped I'd find some new direction and inspiration from her book.

The book started off great. But then it led me down bunny trails. Reading it from the viewpoint of a writer who has done editing, her errors were glaring. There were grammar errors, punctuation errors, typos, and so on. But what really bothered me was trying to understand the point of the book as it tended to stray.  

I now provide a copyediting/proofreading service purposely for self-publishers of books under 40,000 words.

Yes, it is scary having someone else read your manuscript. But it can be well worth it. 

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