Proofreading/Editing or Writing for the ESL/EAL Market


Is English your second or additional language?  As a writer do you know people for whom English is a second language?

There is a writing, proofreading and editing market for this sector.

Many people both professionals and nonprofessionals will occasionally need help with written work.  This can range from a newcomer filling out government forms to an engineer writing a report.

Some of the people I've helped with their written work have included:

  • A scholar submitting scientific journals  
  • An executive needing his CV tweaked
  • A BSc student applying to med school
  • High school students needing an essay proofread
  • An MBA student's multiple submission documents 
  • A recent immigrant's government documentation 
  • A Professional Engineer submitting a report
I offer my services both in person and mostly virtually.  I don't ever have to meet a client face-to-face!

If you are a writer and want to help out this market try these methods:

  • Put ads in online directories such as;;
  • See if you can post an ad in your local school or college.
  • Use word of mouth.
  • Spend time in these communities getting to know people who may need your help.
  • Do quality work and don't get pushed around.
If you are in need of proofreading/editing for your project, let me know or visit my website at for further information.

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