Want Website Feedback?

Many people today are making their own websites.  Why not?  It's easy to do and it gives them the freedom to make changes as often as needed.

It's easy, however, to make the error of making the website about you, not about how you will help the customer

Now, that being said, there are situations when a website acts like a CV and that's okay for certain situations.  But in most cases, a website owner wants to make sure there is a call for action.  A web surfer should be able to know what you do and offer once they leave your website.  Most surfers scan pages.  It's important that your key information is quickly comprehensible!

If you would like your blog or website previewed or analyzed for feedback,  please see this page

Let's work together to make your website better target your audience!  Contact me at info@RosalieGarde.com.

Special Offer: 

The first 3 customers to try out this new service - website feedback - will get it absolutely free! 
The only string attached is that you give me feedback on my feedback! 

That's right, I will peruse your website and communicate back to you with compliments and suggestions for FREE!  First 3 customers to respond. 

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